Simple screen scraping example with PhantomJS

Let's say you wanted to get all the links from an unordered list on a webpage. There are several ways to do it but let's use PhantomJS. PhantomJS is a headless browser. That is you don't actually see it. It will load a page and execute the page's Javascript and you can load libraries like jQuery to manipulate the DOM and get attributes of the selectors. It is mostly used in testing but works well »

A really informative video on making a blockchain in Ruby

This video is great. You will learn much more than just blockchain. I learned about the Faraday Gem for http requests. It is really easy to use. Learned about PKI and history of where the idea for blockchain came from. It is rather long; 2 and a half hours so if you code along stopping and starting it will take a few hours. Enjoy! Let's build a blockchain! — A mini-cryptocurrency in Ruby (Haseeb Qureshi) »